Perspective. #vscocam

Looking forward to this next weekend. @thegrahamandco

Love this.

Laundry on the line from @sonett_usa’s photo shoot. #gooddirt

A little clay and almonds from @goodfightherbco 💛💛💛 Thanks, Lauren!

Having some non office office time. With @sanne9478 and @damararose

Super rad upstaters @andnorth have launched their site today! Yay! Upstate exploration is in my future.

Baby birds eye. #vscocam

A boss-ass bitch doesn’t say they’re a boss. Everyone knows.

— Rita Ora

All science is either physics or stamp collecting

— Ernest Rutherford


If you read one thing today, make it this fantastic vintage gem on the art of self-renewal, even timelier half a century later in our age of blind productivity.

Le pêche. With @sanne9478

This guy. Before he shit all over the office.


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